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Kitchen furniture



A large proportion of our time is spent in the kitchen. Because we at P&D understand this, we ensure your kitchen matches your requirements and is equipped with all the convenient and practical elements you need. We design spaces that stimulate food preparation so that they form part of a series of sensations, aimed at bringing enjoyment to all the culinary processes involved in getting the meal to the table. Put simply, our aim is for food to be more than simply eating.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. So at P&D we work hard to provide the right solution for each situation. We establish a conversation with every client to make sure that we fully understand how best to design and personalise his or her kitchen based on his or her specific needs. All our efforts are directed at providing the perfect results for the main room in your home.


At P&D, the kitchen-design process becomes a dynamic interaction between client and interior designer, in order to respond best to every requirement. Having the best products on the market means that we can provide the most superb - and most pleasing - design.

We understand that a well-configured kitchen is one that matches the available space to the tasks that are to be carried out within it. We work with a number of manufacturers who specialise in turning our designs into reality, with professionalism and reliability - because ultimately ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied is the key to our success.

We fit kitchens with the right furniture and cupboards to match our clients' organisation and ergonomic requirements. Any self-respecting kitchen must be capable of adapting to the rigours of exacting work with none of the inconvenience that comes from an inappropriate design - especially as some recipes require a lot of work. So, the better equipped and laid out the kitchen, the more relaxing and enjoyable cooking becomes. We believe that, above all, your kitchen should be a source of personal satisfaction.